Villa Restaurant and dining at Ahangama Weligama Galle Sri Lanka


W15 Ahangama has everything you need for your next tranquil escape. Heal, walk, swim and play while you nourish your soul.

Facilities at W15 Ahangama

Nourish your soul

A host of facilities and amenities are available for your discerning pleasure when you stay at W15 Escape. Elegant architecture that complements the quaint landscape becomes a part of your adventure while we provide everything you need for the most serene experience.

Infinity Pool Ahangama Galle Weligama hotel villa

Infinity pool

Our infinity pool, sunken into a white-stone terrace, overlooks a panoramic vista of breathtaking mountains and valleys in the distance. Its turquoise waters glistening iridescently in the Hanthana sunshine will beckon you to swim. Or perhaps you can just laze by the pool on our comfy deckchairs in the shade of an umbrella and stare into the dreamy distance of the faraway hills.

Infinity Pool Ahangama Galle Weligama hotel villa

Opening hours

From 7am to 8pm

Note: Guests under the age of 14 are welcome in the Pool when accompanied by an adult.

Yoga and Wellness Retreat Ahangama Galle Weligama

Yoga retreat

W15 Ahangama is an exquisite wellness retreat that offers the best in-house yoga spaces that are bound to nourish both your body and soul. Learn the essentials of this holistic discipline based on a highly subtle science with guided sessions with our yoga instructor, who combines several classic and modern methods and leads both beginners and advanced with heart, concentration and empathy to their own individual goals.

Yoga and Wellness Retreat Ahangama Galle Weligama

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