Sea Turtles Hatchery Hatchlings in Sri Lanka Ahangama Galle Habaraduwa Weligama

Turtle Hatchery

Observe the endangered sea turtles whose curious demeanour will leave you fascinated beyond belief.The most visited sea turtle hatchery in Sri Lanka is located near the beautiful golden sand beach in Habaraduwa, a short trip from Ahangama.

Turtle Hatchery

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Sri Lanka is home to many globally endangered species, including sea turtles. Sea turtle hatcheries are commonly seen on Sri Lanka's western and southern coasts. The best time to visit a Sea Turtle Hatchery is when the female sea turtles return to their nesting grounds to lay their eggs. During this time, these sea turtles will be in a trance-like state and will not be alarmed by the presence of bystanders.

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Enjoy Ahangama's natural beauty while being fascinated by this wonderful glimpse of coastal life,  surrounded by the warmth of the Indian Ocean. There are several thrilling encounters in store for you.

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